21 year old Devonni Benton was convicted of Felony Murder, two counts of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony for the shooting death of Spelman College student Jasmine Lynn.
In no way is there evidence of this young man's guilt. He was attending school at ITT when he was pulled out of class and taken for questioning in handcuffs, and he's been in jail ever since. There's a miscarriage of justice on so many levels in this case.
I urge people to watch this trial themselves and see with their own eyes that the reasonable doubt was very apparent and I'm thinking if there hadn't been a former prosecutor on the jury things may have gone very differently. His buddies hung him out to dry
the one man who had picked him out of a line up had gone to school with Devonni. Why hadn't he just gone to the authorities and say he knew the shooter if he, in fact, thought Devonni was guilty? Politics, maybe? Fifteen minutes of fame? Whatever his reason
it's foul and unjust. You don't help send a man to jail to get your mug on tv. There were two witnesses who testified that another man had confessed to the murder. How can you find a man guilty with that evidence?? And one woman who testified to that fact was
a probation officer! Unreal.Where is the justice for Jasmine if the man who killed her is still walking the streets free to commit more crimes? I'm afraid for all our safety if this is how our justice system works. Please, let's unite and see what we can all do to help this young man who's been shafted by our system and convicted with nothing less than reasonable doubt.
Go to www.CNN.com   and search the case of Georgia v. Benton for information of the trial.

Down below is the direct link to video highlights of the trial.

 http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/crime/2010/05/05/seg.ga.vs.benton.insession? iref=allsearch.com
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